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Why are we here? Not to get all existential on you, we are here to find happiness and enjoy life. For us at Good Thunder Music, your vinyl record resource, there is immense satisfaction in finding a song or collection of cool tunes that you can listen to over and over and find something new every time. It’s a feeling (more than a feeling?) of escape – whether on your drive to work, as a soundtrack to a movie, a late night party, or just sitting alone with a good pair of headphones (or speakers).

Vinyl record resource - speaker guyIn the fast paced world we live in, more often than not our music comes to us in a digital form. But have we lost something in the experience by having all our entertainment at the click of a button? Is listening to a “perfect” digital recording the best experience possible?

We enjoy listening to a great vinyl record – and we would like to help by being a vinyl record resource, as well as offering our takes on the related interests of music aficionados like us. For example – once you have decided to join the vinyl hobby, you need something to play those groovy discs. We have turntable recommendations for you, and how to set up your new record player.

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Besides Loving Vinyl, We Like It Live

The next level of that enjoyment of music is to get out there and watch it played live. There is a feeling of freedom and a communal bonding found in this shared experience.  UPDATE: Remember when we used to go to live shows?  Yeah, that was cool.  Hopefully, someday, the world will return to “normal” and we can enjoy crowded shows once again.  In the meantime, we will post some “virtual” shows we liked on our Concert of the Month post.  It’s not the same as being there, but it gives us a taste.

first ave concert

Nothing beats great music played well and with passion. Since this topic is enormous we will focus on the area we know well, Minnesota and specifically the Twin Cities. Since you can find everything from country to rap, as well as a strong rock scene of all genres, it is a pretty good microcosm for US music in general. There are a number of great indoor and outdoor venues to see bands of all types and popularity.

Although admittedly there isn’t as many outdoor shows as we would like due to those pesky winters (AND COVID). But it makes it even more enjoyable to be able to get out there in the sunshine when we can.

   Going to the DMB show in Alpine Valley bro….

Your Vinyl Record Resource – but wait, there’s more!

Please enjoy browsing our site and we hope you find it a least a little useful. Feel free to read (or not) our posts on topics that we find interesting, and reviews and product information under the “Recorded Music” section.  We bring you monthly listings of new vinyl releases, classic vinyl you should own, and other recommendations to help you enjoy your music listening experience.

No matter how you enjoy listening to music, it’s all good.  With so many ways to get our favorite songs delivered to us these days, it’s almost overwhelming.  Sometimes it’s just nice to do it old school, even if it’s a little more work.  Try it, you might find it worthwhile, and sounds just a little sweeter.

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Please contact us with any further improvements or topics you would like to see in the near future.

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