Affiliate Disclosure

At Good Thunder Music, our mission is primarily to inform and entertain, and is not intended as a generator of product revenue.

However, I do intend to included affiliate links for products I feel are of quality and can be recommended, from time to time.  Initially the main vehicle will be through the Amazon affiliate program, although I do intend to provide alternative purchase options whenever feasible.

And as an Amazon Associate (or any other affiliate program), I earn from qualifying purchases. This means that, if you click on an Amazon affiliate link from one of my blog posts or pages, and then make a qualifying purchase on Amazon’s website, I earn a commission from that qualifying purchase.

I may also show ads from or Google Adsense in the future, too, although I plan to keep this as minimal as possible, as nobody likes an over-cluttered website. Typically, these ads are marked with an “Ads by Google” notation.

Although I do intend to earn some small income from these links, it is by no means my primary goal. The mission statement of this site is to provide a focused hub for enthusiasts to explore musical interests, and maybe find some cool products or services they hadn’t found previously.

If you have any questions, please fill out the “Contact” form in the menu above and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.