Vinyl Records Online Stores

Find And Buy Vinyl Records With The Click Of A Mouse

Now you can buy vinyl records online more easily than ever due to the continued growth of the internet. Allowing for instant communication and obtaining information exponentially faster than ever before. For the music collector, it has allowed him or her the ability to hundreds of releases quickly, with the ability to listen to the whole recording before making a purchase. Or by paying a service, basically opening up an enormous compendium of music to “collect”.

In my opinion, there are several downsides to this unlimited access to virtual record stores. In particular, for the vinyl collector:

  1. Some of the experience is lost – as discussed in my summary of surviving record stores, a lot of the “discovery” process no longer requires any real effort, therefore negating some of the excitement and fun.
  2. You can usually listen to the music online, but it may sound very different when the actual vinyl is played. Maybe this won’t make a big difference in the purchase decision, but it’s like buying a car without a test drive on your own roads – especially if you are buying used.
  3. You are not supporting local businesses. As noted, small focused record stores are becoming more and more rare – it’s a shame.

Yeah But It’s Easier

But there is no getting around the convenience of buying online. Often it allows you to find records you couldn’t find anywhere else. And it saves gas and time, valuable commodities in today’s world.

So – here are the best places we have found to get your vinyl fix if you can’t find what you want locally. There are many other sources than what we have listed, but we think you could find almost anything you are looking for, unless extremely rare.


Probably the king of all things vinyl, there is a vast selection here, a lot to like – including the forums and groups. In this marketplace setting, similar to Ebay, there are the risks of not getting what you paid for, but this seems to be rare. Buy from a good seller and there shouldn’t be any issues. The advantage is the opportunity to get a good price on almost any record out there.

Reverb LP

Another marketplace site, this is another good place to find new and used records from all genres due to the high number of sellers that use the service. Much like Discogs and Ebay, prices can vary due to sellers and shipping, but you can usually find a good deal. Used to be known as SoundStageDirect.

Music Stack

Another marketplace site with a high number of sellers – online since 1997. Good place to locate those out-of-print and rare releases.

Elusive Disc

While primarily a vinyl record site with a specialization in hard to find discs, the site also offers turntables and other audio equipment for the vinyl audiophile. Based in Indiana, the company was established in 1989.

The Sound of Vinyl

This site is pretty well known among collectors because of some exclusive releases and large global selection. Members can get curated lists tailored for them with daily text updates. Also has exclusive interviews with artists and producers for deeper looks into the making of the music.


Older site, that feels like it – the interface is a little old-school and clunky. Despite this, a go-to site for basically everything vinyl and related music products. New and used, rare and desirable, this site usually has it and an enthusiastic collector can spend a lot of time (and money) here.

Vinyl Loop

A mostly curated, member driven site, Vinyl Loop offers a more personalized experience in finding the right records for your collection. Limited edition and independent releases are a focus, providing the members some deals not available everywhere.


A real collectors site, specializing in rare and out of print releases.  The selection is bigger than it appears from the spare and out-dated website, but might provide records you can’t find elsewhere.


No surprises here – new and used records and collections you can bid on. Maybe you will get a great deal, beware of any high shipping costs or low-repute sellers. Having the backing and policies of a large site can be a plus when buying somewhat sight (and hearing) unseen.


No big surprise here – what can’t you buy on Amazon now? This is an obvious choice, as the selection is immense and buying/shipping is very convenient. Also with Amazon Marketplace, getting used records is also a snap here.


In addition to the sites listed above, there are more eclectic and curated sites you might want to visit if you are looking beyond the basic rock best-sellers. These are some choices from The Vinyl Factory you might want to visit :