Top New Vinyl Releases : December 2020

Recommended Vinyl Releases This Month

BIG NEWS : Vinyl Sales in the US broke records for the second week in a row in December, a record that stood since 1991!  They also surpassed CD sales for the fourth time in 2020.  Vinyl is making a big comeback and we are thrilled to see itEnjoy the Record Renaissance….

Based on a highly technical review that consists of us choosing what we like, here are our picks as part of the best new vinyl releases in 2020, or at least ones we would choose for ourselves. Please comment below how you think we did – be nice please.  We are way behind once again – thanks Covid!  This is the last list for 2020, we will start fresh in the new year – happy listening.

We also have some recommendations for classic recordings we think should be in any collection of someone who loves rock music on vinyl.

Here is a link to all the upcoming new releases.

Pere Ubu Tenement YearsPere UbuTenement Years★★★★
Queen In NuceQueenIn Nuce : Limited Vinyl★★★★½
Jim Croce I Got A NameJim CroceI Got A Name★★★★★
Santana AbraxasSantanaAbraxas★★★★½
The Black Keys BrothersThe Black KeysBrothers★★★★
ZZ Top El LocoZZ TopEl Loco★★★★
Jeff Beck WiredJeff BeckWired★★★★★

Each month we will choose our favorite new vinyl releases in 2020. Whether they are new, classic or re-issues, as long as they meet our strict criteria of being cool or important, we will recommend you immediately go out and buy it for your collection. Of course, you can choose to ignore this and buy what you like, your choice. But seriously, these are good records to have if you love rock music on vinyl.

The important thing is that we are here because we appreciate music. We have built a collection of this outdated (some would say) medium because we love it. Whether we buy online or actually travel to another outdated relic, the record store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are in the process of moving as many of our product links to sellers other than Amazon, where possible. In many cases they are the only ones with certain products, but as a business although they provide a good shopping experience and are easy to work with, there are ethical concerns in providing them all the referrals to buy the products we recommend. Essentially, they are becoming a monopoly and it is not in our best interests to promote them any further than we have.

Here is one good alternative for vinyl purchases (or Musicstack). They have most of the vinyl that Amazon has, although the costs may be slightly higher. 

New Releases Top Sellers Future Releases
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See you next month with our new list! To review our previous recommendations, check here.


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