Top New Vinyl Releases : January 2020

Recommended Vinyl Releases This Month

Based on a highly technical review that consists of us choosing what we like, here are our picks as part of the best new vinyl releases in 2020, or at least ones we would choose for ourselves. Please comment below how you think we did – be nice please.

We also have some recommendations for classic recordings we think should be in any collection of someone who loves rock music on vinyl.

Here is a link to all the upcoming new releases.

BostonDon't Look Back★★★★★
Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth★★★★
Paul KellySongs from the South★★★★½
Duane Allman
Eric Clapton
Jamming Together in 1970★★★★½
Big Star#1 Record★★★★
WireMind Hive★★★

Each month we will choose our favorite recordings that are released on vinyl. Whether they are new, classic or re-issues, as long as they meet our strict criteria of being cool or important, we will recommend you immediately go out and buy it for your collection. Of course, you can choose to ignore this and buy what you like, your choice. But seriously, these are good records to have if you love rock music on vinyl.

The important thing is that we are here because we appreciate music. We have built a collection of this outdated (some would say) medium because we love it. Whether we buy online or actually travel to another outdated relic, the record store.

See you next month with our new list! To review our previous recommendations, check here.

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